Product Overview: Clear Thought™
Look beyond the rhetoric...
Look beyond the usual rhetoric claimed by other products around maximising return on investment and let us offer you some Clear Thought.
Portfolio Business Case Solutions such as the Clear Thought solution help organisations by proving the business value of strategies, actions and change initiatives in complex environments. This results in much greater focus in all areas of the organisation, cost reduction, improved project success, greater financial return from both business operations and individual projects, as well as a balanced project portfolio.
SyPlan is the first company to offer a complete Portfolio Business Case solution providing organisations and users the means to validate their judgement based on the facts as well as offering Clear Thought's 'intelligent' suggestions for improvement. Clear Thought can be introduced at any level of an organisation; whether it is to increase returns from a single project, or improve business operations in targeted functional areas, key processes, markets or portfolios, through to supporting the achievement of corporate wide strategies.
A Practical Solution that works in your business...
We understand that all organisations are different, and that solutions requiring standardisation across an entire business, or which require certain information to be available before they can deliver meaningful results, are unlikely to deliver in a real business environment.
Change on your terms:
  • Does not enforce following a particular process - but Clear Thought can guide you
  • Define your own approach to metrics or use Clear Thought standards and best practice industry/project/product templates
  • Supports your own templates/methods eg. Business case templates, reporting methods
Overcome information challenges:
  • Whether too little, too much or not completely accurate! - Clear Thought works with what you have
  • ’Cleans’ your information by cross-checking information - providing realistic results with calculated confidence levels
  • Information gaps ’plugged’ quickly by tailored, easy to use questionnaires

Proving the business value, for your organisation and for itself
It has been developed by experts to meet the needs of corporate decision-makers in the business. Importantly, unlike many competitive products it is available without the need for the introduction of a complex change programme in itself.
In short Clear Thought provides peace of mind in a complex & changing environment, but most pertinently delivers.
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