Project Portfolio Management
Ahead of the game…
Project Portfolio Management has been around for many years but has gained a great deal of press in recent times particularly in relation to IT organisations and spending on technology projects.
We have incorporated Project Portfolio Management as part of the Clear Thought solution and while we produce dashboard style reports at the executive level, we believe there is a requirement to produce more.
The key challenge is not producing impressive reports from input data but generating meaningful information directly in proving the business value.
Clear Thought approaches this challenge by:
  • Automatically calculating benefits for individual projects or the whole portfolio
  • Comparing the costs and benefits that have been generated across the portfolio
  • Generating priorities based on the facts as well as your preferences
  • Incorporating 'human' factors so often overlooked
  • Promoting suggestions for areas of improvement by integrating to the performance of the organisation and all the associated trends within the environment

And for the pretty dashboard reports?
We use the world's leading business intelligence and reporting solution, seamlessly integrated.
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