Business Cases
Believable business cases…
SyPlan supports its philosophy of "proving the business value" by creating business cases in Clear Thought you can believe in.
So how does Clear Thought achieve this?
  • Automatically generates the business case through its intelligent engine - knowing all of the facts
  • Calculates and tracks real time the ongoing performance of an initiative against the business case
  • Proves the benefits and ensures consistency without double counting
  • Provides audit trails of how benefits will be achieved
  • Validates your assumptions about benefits against what has been achieved in the past
  • Determines the level of risk and degree of confidence you should place in the figures
  • Enables you to concentrate on key assumptions that may invalidate or reduce your business case
And it's simple to do
  • You don't need to be an expert in all the financial measures - they are already there
  • Converts the facts that you know about the project in a meaningful way
  • Reduce analysis time by getting a "quickie" business case
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