Our core philosophy...
SyPlan's approach to Clear Thought training has at its core the same philosophy we have for our product itself
In order to "prove the business value" Clear Thought solutions have been designed to be functionally easy to use. This minimises the amount of product training required before you start to reap benefits from your implementation. SyPlan's Education Services begin by "training the trainer" so that knowledge is maintained internally in your organisation. Obviously some clients prefer SyPlan to carry out all the training, hence a comprehensive set of product related courses.
We also provide education services for many of the techniques applied in Clear Thought and these are available as standard courses or as a bespoke requirement for your organisation.
Instructor-led Clear Thought Learning
Our highly trained instructors bring years of experience, a wealth of product knowledge, and business best practices to the classroom. Our courses are both interactive and hands-on, enabling students to easily apply the knowledge acquired in the classroom when they are back at work. Courses can be located either at SyPlan offices or client-preferred locations.
Onsite Education
For your convenience, most SyPlan Education courses can be held at your location, provided the appropriate equipment is available. Our onsite courses are identical to our Instructor-led offerings and are held during a mutually agreed upon time frame at your location.
Clear Thought E-Learning
E-Learning, the online training program from SyPlan, is available through a standard Web browser 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Through solutions-based exercises that demonstrate best practices, Clear Thought E-Learning enables you to get the most from your Clear Thought solution. It is a cost-effective way to satisfy course pre-requisites and reduces travel expenses and time away from the office.
Techniques Training Services
Our techniques training services are designed to ensure that your employees understand and use your Clear Thought solution effectively. There are a number of standard courses that are geared towards solving business problems.
They include:
  • Prioritising the Portfolio
  • Building Believable Business Cases
  • Realising and Proving Benefits
  • Strategic Change Management in Practice
  • Implementing the Balanced Scorecard
  • Activity Based Management
  • Introduction to Clear Thought Techniques
  • Advanced Clear Thought Techniques
We customise our training materials to meet your specific objectives and ensure that employees acquire the most relevant skills as part of your Clear Thought implementation or for general business improvement.
Customised Training
SyPlan Education Services staff can design courses specifically for your organisation. We provide education consulting services and can design a curriculum that is appropriate for your company.
Course Guidance
Our Education Services staff is available to assist you in designing a training plan that meets your requirements. We can help you understand your needs, recommend a solution that maps to your goals, and work with you to implement your plan. After drawing up a plan with our staff, you will be able to provide exactly the right training for each member of your team.
Partner Accreditation
SyPlan also offers a certification program available to training organisations, partners and customers who implement our solutions. These courses are designed to help your company achieve an effective, well-managed, and successful Clear Thought implementation.
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