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Managing Director Russell Anderson founded SyPlan in 1998 to solve a business problem that had troubled him throughout his career. He had researched and developed a number of practical "tools" that would help his consultancy work in proving the business value of strategies, actions and change initiatives in complex organisations.
Over time these were enhanced and utilised by SyPlan consultants delivering high value consultancy to blue chip clients as part of the overall consultant's "toolkit". However, the problem remained that while using spreadsheets, databases and third party specialist products was an excellent way to support consultancy, clients wanted to solve problems for themselves, without the need for using overly complex products, disparate systems and manual methods with all the associated information deficiencies.
In order to accelerate business change, increase effectiveness and efficiency while truly proving the business value of organisational investments there was not one whole solution available.
His solution wasn't to work around the problem or even to continue with the same successful approach, but to assemble a group of top-flight software developers, academic experts and consultants to create a real solution ...Clear Thought™ 
As a consequence, SyPlan is the first company to offer a complete Portfolio Business Case solution providing organisations and users the means to validate their judgement based on the facts and Clear Thought suggestions for improvement. This applies from important operational metrics improvement to measuring and increasing performance for market or shareholder level performance indicators.
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